Aeration is one of the best ways to get a thick, lush lawn worth living on. Removing small plugs mechanically or using liquid on turf breaks up thatch, the layer of dead grass that builds up on your lawn, and allows more water, oxygen and fertilizer to get to your lawn’s roots. Which means your lawn gets more of what it needs to grow stronger and healthier.


Liquid aeration creates fractures within the soil, allowing deeper penetration of water and deeper roots and therefore deeper roots. Liquid aerations are applied like a standard spray application by one of our technicians. The product we have chosen to use is derived from an organic humic acid that breaks down the bonds between metals and other micronutrients that have become “tied” up in the soil molecules. Once these bonds are broken, these micronutrients become available to the plant and can be absorbed by the roots, further aiding in the health of the plant. When these nutrients become absorbed, they leave behind room in the soil that allows water, oxygen, and roots to grow farther down.

  • Can be sprayed right up to the very edge of sidewalks, driveways, and smaller areas

  • Can cover an entire lawn (compared to mechanical aeration only pulls cores in about 5-15% of the lawn)

  • There is no need to mark sprinkler heads, invisible fences or cable lines

  • No messy cores left over in the yard like mechanical aeration


Core aeration is the mechanical process of removing soil and thatch plugs, allowing beneficial air, water, and nutrients to reach the root zone. Aeration should be a regular part of any annual lawn maintenance program to keep soil compaction and thatch in check and increase root development and water retention, giving your lawn the breathing room it needs to thrive.

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